Healthy Living In a Toxic World

Hi! My name is Amy. I am a mom and I am on a wellness journey. I feed my family real food. I control the amount of chemicals we are exposed to inside our home. I strive to be intentional about my choices. My family is in this with me. Some might say we go against the norm…But I like to think we have found a better way…A healthier way…The best way! And that leaves me feeling content at the end of the day.

We weren’t always on this path to optimal health and wellness. When our daughter arrived two months premature, we started becoming more aware of the choices we were making. We had to! Learning about real food and the chemicals we were exposing ourselves to was absolutely an “eye opener.” Once I began to learn what I know now, my passion became to do the best I can for my family. Now my passion also includes providing simple answers for families looking for practical tips, real food recipes, and natural remedies.

A little bit more about me and my family: My husband, C.J., and I have been married 6 years. We are blessed to be the parents to a very energetic 5 year old and two rescued fur babies. We are seeing the world one state at a time and loving every minute, thanks to the U.S. Army. We are proud Texans and will always call Texas home. We love to travel and plan on seeing more of the world on a year-long excursion via camper van one day.

I would love to know more about you and where you are on your journey to optimal health and wellness. If a post resonates with you, please leave a comment and let me know how you found my blog.

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CHEMICALS….They are lurking everywhere, lets open our eyes!

I could write 1,000 pages on the dangers of harmful chemicals in the everyday products we use, but I’ll try and keep it simple. There are harmful chemicals in the majority of the things we are buying from our local stores. Think of the products that you use on an a daily basis; toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, lotion, beauty products, cleaning supplies, candles and more. Do a walk through of your home. Look at the ingredients in these products. Do you see things like:

  • SLS-Sodium lauryl sulfate; banned in Europe & Canada!
  • Formaldehyde-linked to cancer!
  • Propylene glycol- Linked to kidney damage and liver disease!
  • Triclosan- considered to be a pesticide, linked to thyroid disease!
  • Parabans-Banned in Japan & Sweden!
  • Phthalates-Banned in Europe!
  • Toulene- Bad for humans and pets, toxicity attacks the central nervous system!
  • Fragrance-Up to 300 chemicals can be lumped into this one word!

Start thinking!:

  1. In your body.
  2. On your body.
  3. Around your body.

What we put on our skin matters. Our skin is not a barrier, it allows microscopic chemicals to enter our blood stream. Did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body.

A while back I started to realize all the hazardous/harmful chemicals that we were putting on our own bodies, much more importantly, our daughters body! I began to brain storm and figure out what we needed to do to live a more chemical free lifestyle. We had slowly been incorporating Young Living essential oils into our life and I soon discovered we could also use the oils and simply make a lot of what we were buying at the store. And the best part about that is it would be chemical free! Young Living also has toothpaste, household cleaner, face care, and much more. They produce products that do not contain these hazardous chemicals. So I started what I call transfer buying. It’s a simple process of purchasing products from Young Living as you run out of the current product that you’re using. It prevents spending too much to refit your entire household with new products. But if you’re like most health conscious folks, you’ll want to throw everything away and start off fresh. Here’s an example: When you run out of hand soap, you buy Thieves hand soap or make your own with Thieves essential oil. You run out of lotion, you buy KidScents lotion. You run out of cleaning supplies, you buy Thieves Household Cleaner. You get the idea. Pretty simple. There are some things that we go through more quickly that I make myself, like body wash and mouthwash. I will post those recipes soon. You’ll be very surprised and disgusted (after you do some research)at the amount of harmful chemicals that are lurking in your everyday products. Even when it says ‘green’ or ‘all natural’ make sure to read the ingredients. Time to wake up!!!

I challenge you to take some time and look at the products in your home. Turn the bottles over and research the ingredients you see listed. If you want to get started detoxing your home with Young Living products or learn more click here.

Member # 1702620
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